entwickelt von Kurt Schönwald


    Der Putt ist der Schlag mit den meisten individuellen Variationen.


    Kräftedreieck, Massenzentrierung und Fokussierung. Beim Design des Cubert stand die Funktion im Vordergrund.


    Gewichts-. Geometrie- und Farbanpassung. Das Cubert-Fitting beinhaltet zahlreiche Optionen.


    Die neue Dimension der Längenkontrolle. Der hohe Smash-Faktor des Cubert Putters ist über die gesamte Schlagfläche konstant.


    Neues Logo, neue Seite, neue Farbe. Cubert startet.


The putt is not only the most frequent shot during each round of golf, but also the one with the most individual variations. The main problem of most golfers is the control of distance of the putt. Besides, many golfers use putters that do not help them to control their putt distance.

With Cubert we constructed a putter that:

  • creates a completely new impact with a feedback that takes distance control to a new level.
  • can be custom fitted so that every Cubert is properly adjusted to each player and thus leads to a strong performance.

Simply better putting.


Function was the key aspect considered for the design of the Cubert putter.

The shape of a prism in the force triangle is characteristic for Cubert’s appearance. From above one can see the alignment of the mass in the center of the club head, leading to a unique impact. The arrow design aids with focusing and combined with the milled and divided midline enables pinpoint alignment.


Explore the new dimension of distance control¹

The high Smash Factor of the Cubert is steady above the whole area of percussion zone:

  • new and direct feedback at the moment of hit for perceptibly better touch
  • balls impacted beyond the center of the club face roll without loss of distance or direction

¹Energy transmission from the Cubert to the ball. Measuring data from "Quintic International Biomechanists", Birmingham 2/2014


All features of the Cubert are individually adapted during the fitting process. The professional care takes over one of ours partners.